OLED vs QLED vs LED TV – What are The Differences and Which is The Best Choice?

by norrystyon February 28, 2019
When we shopping for a TV, there are three major panel technologies we found, OLED, QLED and LED. Usually, we found OLED TV on premium model of LG TVs, Sony, and some others, QLED TV on premium model of Samsung TVs, and LED on most TVs which available in the market. OLED and QLED TV […]
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TV Buying Guide Series – What should you consider before you a buy TV for a certain usage?

by norrystyon January 25, 2019
There is no perfect TV. A TV may have some superiority in certain aspects but in other aspects, its performance may be not so good. To get the best according to your needs and budget, you must be smart in choosing.  A TV may have excellent performance, but it is not necessarily suitable for your […]

TV Buying Guide 2019 – What should be considered before you buy a TV?

by norrystyon January 11, 2019
  Every year, there are new technologies and features offered by the manufacturers for their TV lineup. From LCD, LED, OLED, Smart TV, 3D TV, Full HD TV, 4K TV, 4K HDR TV and the latest is 8K TV. This certainly makes the world of TVs is looking better every year.  But on the other […]