Sony A80K Review

LG C2 vs Sony A80K Review (OLED55C2 vs XR-55A80K, OLED65C2 vs XR-65A80K, OLED77C2 vs XR-77A80K)

by norrystyon August 24, 2022
LG C2 is the second-top-of the line of the LG’s 2022 OLED TV lineup. In this lineup, it sits between the LG G2 and B2. It is also a successor of LG C1, one of the most demand OLED TVs in last year. On the other hand, the Sony A80K is the entry level of […]

Samsung S95B vs LG C2 Review and Comparison (QN55S95B vs OLED55C2, QN65S95B vs OLED55C2)

by norrystyon May 29, 2022
Finally, Samsung has released their first OLED TV with the model number of Samsung S95B. Of course, this has been waiting by OLED TV fan because the competition in the OLED TV market will be more attractive. So far, there is no competition in real sense in OLED TV market because all OLED TVs use […]

LG OLED G2 vs G1 Review: Is the 2022 model of LG G Series better than the predecessor?

by norrystyon May 7, 2022
LG OLED G2 and G1 are parts of the LG G Series, a high-end model of LG OLED TV. The difference between them is that the LG OLED G1 is the 2021 model while the LG G2 is its successor. As a high-end model of LG OLED TVs. Although it is a high-end model of […]

LG QNED90 vs Samsung QN90A Review (65QNED90UPA vs QN65QN90A, 75QNED90UPA vs QN75QN90A, 86QNED90UPA vs QN85QN90A)

by norrystyon October 8, 2021
LG QNED90 is the top model of LG’s 2021 4K LED TV lineup while the Samsung is also the top model of Samsung’s 2021 4K LED TV lineup. Although they come with different panel technology (QN90A uses VA panel and QNED90 use IPS panel), but they both use mini LED as the light source of […]
LG NANO90 2021 Review

LG NANO90 2021 vs NANO90 2020 Review (55NANO90UPA vs 55NANO90UNA, 65NANO90UPA vs 65NANO90UNA, 75NANO90UPA vs 75NANO90UNA, 86NANO90UPA vs 86NANO90UNA)

by norrystyon June 3, 2021
LG NANO90 2021 and NANO90 2020 are the top models of LG NANO Cell LED TV Lineup. Just like their name, the NANO90 2021 is part of LG’s 2021 lineup while the NANO90 2020 is part of the LG’s 2020 lineup. Not as usual, LG give them with the same name. Although they have the […]

LG OLED BX vs OLED B9 Review (OLED55BX vs OLED55B9, OLED65BX vs OLED65B9)

by norrystyon August 29, 2020
LG BX or OLED BX is the cheapest model of LG’s 2020 OLED TV lineup. On the other hand, the LG B9 or OLED B9 is the predecessor, also the cheapest model of LG’s 2019 OLED TV Lineup. Even though the LG BX is released to replace the OLED B9, but in the market, the […]

Sony A8H Review

Sony A8H vs LG OLED CX Review (XBR55A8H vs OLED55CX, XBR65A8H vs OLED65CX)

by norrystyon August 1, 2020
Sony A8H is part of the Sony’s OLED TV that released in 2020. Even though it is a successor of the last year’s A8G, but it tend to take the features of last year’s master series A9G. On the other hand, LG CX or OLED CX is the 2020 model of the LG OLED C […]

LG CX vs C9 OLED Review (OLED55CX vs OLED55C9, OLED65CX vs OLED65C9, OLED77CX vs OLED77C9)

by norrystyon July 9, 2020
LG CX and C9 or OLED CX and OLED C9 are parts of the LG’s OLED TV lineup C Series. As we have known, the LG OLED C Series is one of the most-anticipated TV in year to year. As we have known, the LG C9 is a part of last year‘s model while the […]

LG SM9000 vs Samsung Q70R Review (55SM9000 vs QN55Q70R, 65SM9000 vs QN65Q70R), 75SM9070 vs QN75Q70R)

by norrystyon January 11, 2020
LG SM9000 is the second top model of LG’s 2019 4K HDR LED TV lineup. In this lineup, it sits between the top model SM9500 and SM8600. And just like most model of LG’s LED TVs, the SM9000 also comes with IPS panel technology that make it has good side viewing angle coverage. But as […]

LG OLED B9 Review

LG OLED B9 vs Samsung Q80R Review (OLED55B9 vs QN55Q80R, OLED65B9 vs QN65Q80R)

by norrystyon October 15, 2019
The Samsung Q80R is the second top model of Samsung’s 2019 QLED TV lineup. It comes to replace the 2018’s Q8FN. In this lineup, it sits between the Q90R and Q70R. On the other hand, the LG OLED B9 is the cheapest model of the LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup and also the successor of […]