Hisense H8G Review

Hisense H8G vs TCL S535 / 5 Series 2020 Review (50H8G vs 50S535, 55H8G vs 55S535, 65H8G vs 65S535, 75H8G vs 75S535)

by norrystyon November 15, 2020
Hisense H8G and TCL 6 series or S535 are good budget-friendly 4K TV in 2020. Each of them is the second top model of the Company’s 2020 4K HDR TV lineup. If the H8G sits below the flagship H9G and as the direct replacement of the H8F, the TCL 5 Series 2020 or S535 sits […]

Vizio P Series Quantum X vs Sony X950G Review (PX65-G1 vs XBR65X950G, PX75-G1 vs XBR75X950G)

by norrystyon November 3, 2019
The Vizio P Series Quantum X and Sony X950G are the top model TV from each of their manufacturers in 2019.  The P Series Quantum X is direct replacement of the 2018 P Series Quantum while the X950G is direct replacement of the X900F. They are equally great TVs for any usage. Almost all aspects […]
Hisense H8F Review

Hisense H8F vs TCL 6 Series (R617) (55H8F vs 55R617, 65H8F vs 65R617)

by norrystyon August 17, 2019
If you are searching an alternative TV outside the three big names Samsung, Sony, and LG, the Hisense H8F or TCL 6 Series might be able to meet your need. The advantage, even though they sold far cheaper, but picture quality and performance offered is not far different to the TVs from big names which […]