Samsung QN900B Review

Samsung QN900B vs QN900A 8K TV Review (QN65QN900B vs QN65QN900A, QN75QN900B vs QN75QN900A, QN85QN900B vs QN85QN900A)

by norrystyon February 4, 2023
Samsung QN900B is the top model of Samsung’s 2022 8K LED TV lineup. You need to know, in 2022, Samsung has launched 3 models of 8K TVs, which are QN800B, QN850B and QN900B. On the other hand, the QN900A is also the flagship of Samsung 8K TV in 2021 and also the predecessor of the […]

Samsung The Frame 2022 vs 2021 (LS03B vs LS03A) Review – What are their differences?

by norrystyon November 4, 2022
Samsung LS03B and LS03A are parts of the Samsung the Frame Series or Lifestyle series. The difference is that the LS03B is the 2022 model while the LS03A is the 2021 model.  This means the LS03B is the successor of the LS03A. Samsung the Frame 2022 or 2021 are a TV that doesn’t only focus […]
Samsung QN90B Review

Samsung QN95B vs QN90B vs QN85B Review – What’s the difference between these Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TV?

by norrystyon October 15, 2022
In this year, Samsung has released their 3 models of Neo QLED series in the market including the Samsung QN95B, QN90B, and QN85B. You need to know, the major difference between their Neo QLED Series and traditional QLED series is on their backlight technology. As we have known, Samsung QLED TV uses a standard LED […]

Samsung QN95B Review

Samsung QN95B vs S95B Review (QN55QN95B vs QN55S95B, QN65QN95B vs QN65S95B)

by norrystyon September 21, 2022
Samsung QN95B and S95B are two of the flagship of Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup. The QN95B is the highest-end of Samsung’s 4K neo QLED TV in 2022. On the other hand, the Samsung S95B is the first OLED TV by Samsung. However, it doesn’t use white-OLED that found on most all OLED TVs in previous […]
Sony X95K Review

Sony X95K vs Samsung QN90B Review (XR65X95K vs QN65QN90B, XR75X95K vs QN75QN90B, XR85X95K vs QN85QN90B)

by norrystyon July 30, 2022
Sony X95K is the second top model of Sony’s 2022 LED TV lineup. It sits between the Z95K and X90K. As well as the Samsung QN90B, it is also the second top model of the Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TV lineup and it sits between the QN85B and QN95B. Both of them are premium LED […]
Samsung QN85B Review

Samsung QN85B vs Q80B Review – What’s their difference?

by norrystyon June 8, 2022
he Samsung QN85B is the lowest-end model of the Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup that uses Neo QLED technology. On the other hand, the Samsung Q80B is the mid-end of Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup or the highest model of 2022 lineup that don’t come with Neo QLED technology. If we see their model number, we can […]

Samsung S95B vs LG C2 Review and Comparison (QN55S95B vs OLED55C2, QN65S95B vs OLED55C2)

by norrystyon May 29, 2022
Finally, Samsung has released their first OLED TV with the model number of Samsung S95B. Of course, this has been waiting by OLED TV fan because the competition in the OLED TV market will be more attractive. So far, there is no competition in real sense in OLED TV market because all OLED TVs use […]

LG QNED90 vs Samsung QN90A Review (65QNED90UPA vs QN65QN90A, 75QNED90UPA vs QN75QN90A, 86QNED90UPA vs QN85QN90A)

by norrystyon October 8, 2021
LG QNED90 is the top model of LG’s 2021 4K LED TV lineup while the Samsung is also the top model of Samsung’s 2021 4K LED TV lineup. Although they come with different panel technology (QN90A uses VA panel and QNED90 use IPS panel), but they both use mini LED as the light source of […]
Samsung Q80A Review

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Review (QN50Q80A vs QN50Q80T, QN55Q80A vs QN55Q80T, QN65Q80A vs QN65Q80T, QN75Q80A vs QN75Q80T, QN85Q80A vs QN85Q80T)

by norrystyon June 13, 2021
The Samsung Q80A is part of the Samsung’s 2021 QLED TV lineup and at the same time is also the replacement of the Q80T. Both of them offer good picture quality for any usage. There is a big change brought by the Q80A over the Q80T predecessor, which is on their panel technology. As we […]

Samsung QN85A vs Q80A Review (QN65QN85A vs QN65Q80A, QN55QN85A vs QN55Q80A, QN75QN85A vs QN75Q80A, QN85QN85A vs QN85Q80A)

by norrystyon May 27, 2021
Samsung QN85A is part of the Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TV while the Samsung Q80A is part of the Samsung’s 2021 QLED TV lineup. You need to know, in 2021, Samsung has released two versions of QLED TV, which are Neo QLED TV and regular QLED TV. The most difference between them is about the […]